Monday, June 4, 2012

Mommy School Kick Off

Today was our first day of Mommy School.   The girls were up before 7:00, I told them they had to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and hair before school could begin.

Then at 9:00 our first day began by the tree we created last week.  They were very excited to see why it was so important to our Mommy Performing Art School.

We started off with the story The Giving Tree.  I told the girls that they also had a tree that gave to them it was their family tree.  Everyone in their family loves them like the Giving Tree loved the boy.  Mommy is a part of their tree and I wanted to give them all I could to help them express themselves artistically.

This summer we are going to uncover the artists in our family.  This is a project were the girls can really get to know their family who live far and near and build pride in them seeing that they belong to this fabulous tree.

I sent out a survey to everyone about a month ago with a list of questions about their music, dance, art and theatre experiences.  I also made a point at the end of the survey to say that these were not the only forms of art so let us know what it is you do that is artistic and please brag!  We have already begun discovering some very cool things that many of us didn't know.

This week the girls filled out their surveys and added their pictures to the bottom.

Then we added Mommy, Daddy, Tay Tay (Aunt) and Chase (cousin).

Then we were off on our Expedition.
The mission was to gather leafs and flowers of all shapes and sizes.

Then we used them for some botanical water coloring.  The leafs and flowers became our paintbrushes.

and WA-LA

Today's Art Project

Side note:  I think Coppelia liked that part in the story where the boy sold the tree's apples, she has been in the front yard trying to sale her art to all the neighbors.

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  1. I love reading about your parenting adventures. You're such a great mom!


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