Saturday, June 30, 2012

Learning to Waltz at the Ball

Today wasn't about ballet and tap.  
Today we went ballroom.  
Because when the prince ask's, they will need to know how to waltz...
and how to graciously accept his invitation with a curtsey. 

It's all about the step, ball, change.
So we began by looking at our feet.
We pointed to the different parts of our foot,  
the ankle, heel, in-step, toes and the BALL of our foot.
A ball change looks a lot like a limp.
so we started with step 1:
 faking an injury
Instead of putting the band-aid on our heel, we put it on the top of our foot so we could remember what foot was "injured".
Then while playing the soundtrack to Cinderella the musical, our theme for the week,
we held onto our hula hoop and limped in a circle.
Then onto 
Step 2:
There is 3 parts to a step, ball, change, we counting the steps as we performed the rocking motion.
We used a blue X for our full foot step
and a small yellow spot for where we transfered our weight onto the ball of the "injured" foot.

Step 3:
next we performed the step going side to side.  I didn't get a picture of our side to side tape spot but it had the same blue X and yellow spot.
photo by Estee
photo by Estee
Once we had this side to side motion, Mommy was able to hold their hands  and "waltz" with them.

and for some extra practice we used the step to travel.
Even though we didn't focus on any tap today I wanted them to hear that this step has it's own sound
 So Estee and I tapped it out 
Coppelia watched,
 she has a big owie on her heel from her water shoes at Schlitterbahn.

Our last lesson was how to give a curtsey
 so we could break a leg before the king.

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