Monday, June 18, 2012

One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure

I guess our art Monday really began on Sunday.  My husband is always finding the most obscure places and a few weeks ago he took Coppelia on a Daddy daughter date to the junk house.  Coppelia was so thoroughly impressed she came home raving about to Estee and then Estee kept begging Daddy to take her on a date to the junk house.  So for Father's Day we made it a family event.

Coppelia kept saying "It's art, it's all art!"

blue art

green art

red art

Barbie art

tire art

troll art

I did tell them art comes in all forms.  Even though it may look like a pile of junk the artist created each section with a theme and he put the time into making it look just so and finding just the right pieces to fit his vision.

there was even a stage

and surprisingly they didn't stay on it the whole time.

but she did ask me to take some model shots

these look interesting

the top of the junk tower



We stayed for a long time and the girls did not want to leave.

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  1. How fun, I would never have thought to take my kids to a junk house, but looking at your pictures, it DOES look like fun!!!


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