Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mommies Summer Performing Art's School

Tis the time of year when Mommies are out shopping for summer bridge activities.  I too looked through these books and found myself slipping into coma.  So I asked myself what would my kids like to do? 

But with statements like these…

 “Mom when will it be my turn to be on stage.”

“I want to be on TV, how did your friend do it?”

“Can you please just sign me up for a recital.”


                                                                              The answer wasn’t that hard to figure out...

My kids just want to perform, so that is what we will do.  I have come up with 12 different themed weeks and different lesson plans for each day.  

Monday – Art class
Tuesday – Music class
Wednesday – Dance class
Thursday – Drama class

Today, after much anticipation, we put up something very important to this summers curriculum.


Then I laid out all the mommy school items we would be using on my bed and told them they could look but were not allowed to touch.

The count down is on 4 days till Mommies Performing Art School where learning is made fun.  I've got some very enthusiastic students who show much promise for graduating with honors.  Hope you can join us on our journey of discovering our artistic talents.

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