Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dance Class Day

 Today was Ballet and Tap.
As you can see by the pictures we were very excited because dancing around here is how we let our sparkle out!

We started our day with a bump.  Coppelia grew out of her shoes and said, "I'm very concerned with myself, my body just keeps getting bigger." So we had to make due today with bare feet for ballet and tap shoes a size to big.

We started out with our basic warm up
Then dancing with imagery and improvisation as we told the story of a little Butterfly.
We reviewed the use of aplomb
 then we went through a variety of different exercises.

This weeks theme is "The Giving Tree"
so we planted our trunks firm in the ground and danced as a tree.  With our branches we played with the young boy

they played hide-and-go-seek
and the boy loved the tree very much... and the tree was happy.

Then we went through the story and changed the way we could move after the boy had taken our branches to build a house.

Then later as he cut us down to build his boat

and the tree was happy...but not really.

When the boy came back when he was very old the tree said he was sorry but he had nothing left to give him.

The boy said, "I don't need very much now, just a quite place to sit and rest.  I am very tired."

and the tree straightened herself up as much as she could and told him to come sit and rest.

and the tree was happy.

Then we finished dancing out our story
and moved on to working on different jumps.

 and finished with Tap

Coppelia had to use shoes that were too big and Estee had only one leg today.

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