Thursday, June 21, 2012

A is for Audition

I hope they will appreciate this gift I am giving them.
  I hope they can look back on this summer and remember all the fun we had. 
I hope they will know that with all my time and preparations they were on my mind.  
but most of all
I hope they know how much I love them. 

Estee was extra excited for class today she asked if she could wear her church dress and wanted to wear a clip in her hair.  She said she wanted to look nice for Broadway.

Coppelia wanted to look fancy too so she put in a clip

...and danced with a hula hoop.

I asked them to give me a dramatic pose before we started class

Coppelia burst into tears as Estee yelled at her.

Then we started class...
first up the copy cat game from last week, it's their new favorite game.

We then did some vocal exercises

we laid on our mat, placed our hands on our tummy and worked on projecting our words and sounds.

Then we played Pop the Popcorn

we started off as little kernels of popcorn,

we then began jumping saying pop, pop, pop.

Then I would shout out an inanimate object that they had to become
chair, TV, teddy bear, tree, ect.

For a tree, Coppelia let the wind rock her trunk as her branches swayed from side to side.

 Estee's tree was from Hawaii and did the hula.

We then talked about how some actors get nervous before shows or auditions but before they go on stage they take a deep breath and relax.  So we practiced big deep breaths.

Then we had a mock audition.  They practiced their big deep breath then came out on stage and said, "Hi, I'm (insert name) and I'm 4 years old."
They had to project so that everyone could hear them.

Estee did the best using pronunciation and projection!

Coppelia on the other hand burst into song and dance.

I then gave them a callback.

a callback after an acting audition is an invitation to be seen again by the casting director for a particular project

For their callback I gave them some improvisation,
they had to act out as if they were explorer girls and they entered a mysterious dark cave.

Here they are getting their costumes on

entering the cave


She found the treasure, one red high heel, then she had to battle the dragon for it.

Then again, before bed we practiced our auditions.

 A couple months ago on one of our many trips to the Library the girls checked out this book

we got to A is for Audition and they freaked out and said, "Let's do it!"  Thirty minutes later we were all in costume and they were auditioning Mommy and Daddy in their production of Peter Pan. They were giving us lines and making us do improv.  Estee was the casting director and Tinkerbell and Coppelia was a grip and a lost boy.  There enthusiasm for this book is what triggered my idea for Mommy's performing art school.

Here is them taking a picture for the

P is for Playbill

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