Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mommies Summer Performing Art's School

Tis the time of year when Mommies are out shopping for summer bridge activities.  I too looked through these books and found myself slipping into coma.  So I asked myself what would my kids like to do? 

But with statements like these…

 “Mom when will it be my turn to be on stage.”

“I want to be on TV, how did your friend do it?”

“Can you please just sign me up for a recital.”


                                                                              The answer wasn’t that hard to figure out...

My kids just want to perform, so that is what we will do.  I have come up with 12 different themed weeks and different lesson plans for each day.  

Monday – Art class
Tuesday – Music class
Wednesday – Dance class
Thursday – Drama class

Today, after much anticipation, we put up something very important to this summers curriculum.


Then I laid out all the mommy school items we would be using on my bed and told them they could look but were not allowed to touch.

The count down is on 4 days till Mommies Performing Art School where learning is made fun.  I've got some very enthusiastic students who show much promise for graduating with honors.  Hope you can join us on our journey of discovering our artistic talents.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mommy Mistakes...I'm not perfect but I should have known better

One challenge raising twins is giving them individual attention in their development.  
When you have multiples you work out a system that works for everyone, babies included.   For instance, with my girls they both had different times they wanted to nap so I would make them meet in the middle, one staying up later and the other going down a bit early.  I used this same system for their feedings.  Putting them on the same schedule gave this mommy some sanity.  For the most part this works great.  Developmentally they did everything very close to each other.  One walked at 8 months and the other walked 2 weeks later at 8 and half months.  
When they began talking is when we hit a bump in the road.  They both started with the basics; yes, no, mama, dada.  Then the personalities that made them so unique became our challenge.  Coppelia has a very dominating personality and Estee is more laid back.  So when Coppelia started talking she wouldn’t stop.  Just like most twins, ours had a twin language as well.  Coppelia knew what Estee wanted or needed and would take care of her so Estee then had no need for using her words.  Estee progressed much slower and had pronunciation issues. When Tyler and I couldn’t understand what she was saying she would get very frustrated.  
That is what brought us to speech therapy.  
Once a week we had a therapist come to our house and she would try and work with Estee.  It became very evident that we were going to have to do something with Coppelia during this time because she was not giving Estee room to talk and I needed to be learning how to work with Estee too. Keeping them separated was becoming another challenge.
So I asked Coppelia what she would like to do and she says “Ballet”.  Now if it were up to me I would wait till they were older but there happened to be a studio next to Daddy’s office and there was a class offered at the exact time we needed.  So we enrolled her in a class and even bought her a pretty new skirt.
Then came the first lesson.  Estee and I dropped sister off and got in the car headed home for speech.  When Estee was separated from her sister, she had no one interrupting or talking over her, so she was given room to express what is going on.She bursts into tears, “I want to do Nall-Nays!”  That is when my stomach dropped and my heart broke.  
Estee loved her speech time and her teacher, but given the option she would have loved to take ballet too.  
I knew how upset and hurt she was because I had very similar experiences in school.  It was just like all those times, when kids got rewarded for doing good at something and no matter how hard you tried, your efforts were never good enough.  Ballet classes became the reward for speaking well, and although she may have loved speech before, at that moment, it began to feel like a punishment.  Learning should be fun and I couldn’t take that away.  Because once you’ve lost it, it’s hard to find it again.  
It wasn’t Estee’s fault she was struggling with her speech. So why was she being punished?  Finding something for Coppelia to do so that Estee could get some extra help seemed like a logical solution, but with my decision I made speech time no longer as exciting.  I tried to make it fun using activities like making cookies or play dough, all activities that were a big deal in our house.  But her heart was no longer in it.  Speech just wasn’t a special thing anymore. It was something she began to dislike.  
When you have multiples it’s so hard not to compare. They are the same age and they eat the same things, see the same things, read and play the same things.  But they are not the same person. They have the same parents and the same environment but completely different personalities and gifts.  I know I will make mistakes and give them hopefully just enough dis-function to make them funny.  But I don’t want my kids to ever feel like I favored one or loved them differently.
We soon dropped in home speech therapy and Estee went to the Elementary school (with the big kids) for her lessons.  Estee had her own class, her own teacher and it was her special time.  Something sister could not do. Coppelia would love to attend class with her sister, but instead she gets some one on one reading time with mommy in the library and she is happy with that.   Estee can look at her homework and learning time as something of excitement and not be set back by a lack of enthusiasm.  

Friday, May 4, 2012

First Pet

I had 4 pets growing up... 

Socks: he was a dog that was both blind and deff and quite possibly inbred. He wondered off and I'm sure that didn't go too well for him.

Buckwheat: She was a horribly mean and I'm convinced bipolar cat. She also burned down our family home when I was in 6th grade so no love lost there.

Izzy: he failed doggy obedience school three times. Actually that was my sister's dog and I'm glad she finally gave him away.

Psalty: A dog my Dad found abandoned at a gas station with a missing tail. He soon became a part of the family.

Just like any kid my girls ask us for a dog or a cat, but we all know who would end up taking care of it. So imagine my excitement when we discover our home came with a perfect pet for our family...

Meet "Chance Macaroni Guidry" 
he is our baby owl.

He is an outside pet, he keeps our yard free of rodents and we don't have to feed him or scoop his poop.   We all know that owls are very wise, but did you also know they are a great audience and very good at listening?  Every afternoon he pop's his head out and very patiently listens and watches as the girls share their stories and put on their shows.  He watches them with the same confused yet slightly intrigued look on his face, he is quite the character.

Welcome to the family "Chance Macaroni"

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stage Make-up and performance

When you come to my house the one question you should ask is "What production is going on this week?" Estee had huge plans on Tuesday, she wanted to do a production of Coppelia. For those of you who do not know Coppelia is a classical ballet. Our Coppelia claims it is her ballet and often wants to hear her story at bed time. Well Estee decided it was time they did the "Coppie show" as she called it but this time she wanted to be Coppelia, because she never gets to be Coppelia. She picked out her costume Tuesday evening and told me that she needed red circle's on her cheeks just like the real Coppelia. So the plan was after school on Wednesday we would do full stage make-up (for the first time) and then we would have our performance of "Coppelia" starring Estee. So here is your look into our first attempts at stage make-up.

                                                                     Estee before

Step 1: make sure you are wearing your bathrobes, you don't want to get any make up on your costume. Then use a good moisturizer to protect your face.

                                                 Step 2: Concealer, apply around the eyes

                                                            Step 3: Heavy foundation.

                                                                Step 4: Eye shadows

Step 5: Eye liner, the eye liner is an important element because on stage your eyes are used to express. For a dramatic effect use the eye liner to extend beyond the natural eyelid.

Step 6: We drew on heavier eyebrows because we didn't want them to disappear that would look funny. This was the part they disliked the most they got nervous it wouldn't come off and they would forever have dark eyebrows.

                                                                      Step 7: Mascara
                                                                      Step 8: cheeks
                                                                      Step 9: Lips

This was the part where Coppelia ran up to her room in tears because she found out she wasn't going to be starring as Coppelia in "her ballet.  She also used her famous dramatic line she uses when she is upset "It's like I don't have a family anymore!" As hillariously dramatic as she is I'm so glad there is only one of her and that Estee is overly sweet and easy going. Then we finished Coppelia's make-up, although she wanted to pretend that she no longer wanted her picture taken (trust me, it was all for dramatic effect)

Without further ado "Coppelia" starring Estee (note: I wouldn't let Coppelia dance naked so she didn't get to be in the show)


Maybe not our best dancing but still moments to treasure!

House of chaos

I have about a million things I want to post and like most moms I want it all to be perfect before anyone see's it. We have lots of fun around here and life always seems to be in the midst of a costume change. Feather's, mardi gras beads and a sea of tulle seems to be strewn about my house but in every picture they are almost always in their underwear. I make no claim to being a perfect housewife there is almost always a stack of dishes in the sink and stacks of papers and things to go through on another table. Sure I could clean the kitchen as I go along and sometimes this works out but most of the time I've got two little tornado's full of enthusiastic energy and pure joy running around and I got priorities. I want to either be in the midst of their fun chaos sucking in every precious moment or have a moment to myself were I can sit still and breath in peaceful silence. But there is always at least one time in my day where the kitchen is spotless and the floors are vacuumed. Unfortunately these moments only last for a few minutes so the chances of me catching it with my camera are very slim. So I'm throwing my hands in the air. I'm going to let you see the messy fun that is in our home and maybe other moms will feel more normal knowing that not every home is pinterest perfect.