Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Music For Little Mozarts

Today was our first Mommy music class.  It was also our first day of summer session at gymnastics so by the time we got home and had lunch we were a bit tired so I'll have to makes some adjustments for next week.

For about three months we have been using a program called Children's Musical Journey

This in my opinion is the best at home piano playing program there is.

But this is Mommy School and I had to expand on our music education time.  So I added elements of Music for little Mozart's

I actually think this program is very cute.  You follow the adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear as they learn about music.  Like the Children's Musical Journey this too is a complete piano curriculum.  It is geared toward the preschool age group and includes stories, songs and activities.  I wouldn't use this program by itself for teaching young ones but with all it's books, products and accessories it has given me an abundance of material and ideas for expanding my other lesson plans.

To start our day the girls opened their school bags and discovered they had two new friends, Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear.

We learned a new song
we read the intro story to Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear,
Talked about the importance of "P"

& our

We reviewed low sounds and high sounds, 
learned the word Glissando and incorporated a fun song, dance and piano exercise with it.

talked about Forte (loud sounds) and Piano (soft sounds)

Listened (and danced) to Mozart's 12 variations of 
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
This song will be used all summer long.  

still dancing...
I promise we do more then just dance.

Then we ended our day with some word rhythms played on our rhythm sticks.

Tomorrow is dance class so make sure you get plenty of rest.

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