Friday, June 7, 2013

Music Review - Part 2

We did it!  We are all caught up with our musical review.  Obviously we didn't add anything new to our lessons from last year but I will give you on overview of what we did.

Using our Rhythm sticks and some music flash cards we tapped out the music

This gave us a chance to work with our quarter rest.

We then used the song Old McDonald 

We matched the lyrics above with this rhythm

Next we repeated the finger play song and with the numbers fresh in their mind they took their turn at the piano as each of them played two songs.

"Bear's Song" using their left hand 
"Mouse's Melody" using their right hand

We then took a closer look at the sheet music and I showed the girls the bar that separates each measure.

Currently I am only teaching them about music in 4/4 time (4 beats to each measure).  We use this for our reward system too.  Here is the link to that earlier post.

How many beats earns a mommy dollar?

answer: 4

Next I gave the girls a project, giving them legos, notes and pencils.

picture from last summer
Each beat got 1 lego and so a half note got 2 lego's and a whole note got 4 and so on.  Each measure of music could only hold 4 beats or lego's.  Once they had used up their 4 beats or lego's they laid down a pencil to start a new measure.  When we were done the girls had each created their own musical score that we were able to play together with our rhythm sticks.

After the lego's were all cleaned up we warmed up our vocal cords and bodies with Julie Andrews.  We sang and danced to "Do-re-mi" from The Sound of Music.  The girls had no trouble remember the movements to this one!

Then we followed up with the simplified version from Music For Little Mozart focusing on just Do, Re and Mi.

Phew, we are now all caught up!!!

For the extended lesson plans where we used these activities visit

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