Thursday, June 6, 2013

Music Review - Part 1

Today we pulled out our dear old friends Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear as we began our review of our musical journey.  We ended up learning quite a bit last summer and I realized when writing this lesson plan there was absolutely no way that we could do a complete review in 1 session so I ended up splitting it into 2 days of review.

Last year I added movement to all of our songs and although the girls didn't remember all the lyrics they could recall specific moves used in the songs.

We had to reintroduce the 4 P's.


We then went over glissando and used a dance with rhythm sticks.  We use the song "Racing Car" from the music for little Mozart's CD.  In the dance when we hear the glissando in the song we jump up and when hearing the horn honks we tap our rhythm sticks.  I let each girl take a turn playing the accompaniment on the piano making a glissando and  horn honks (we use the black keys for horn honks) while the other girl had a chance to perform the choreography.

We then brushed up on some music vocabulary and symbols

Forte - Loud

Piano - Soft

We then danced to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Variations" by Mozart

This is an excellent example of how the loud and soft sounds change our movements and emotions with the movements.

We then did a quick review on note value

Whole note - 4 cts

half note - 2 cts

quarter note - 1 ct

quarter rest - 1 ct

  We use notes as currency in this house so the review wasn't much trouble for them.

We then built a piano using our pattern pieces

everything is more fun inside the tee pee
and then went on a search for all the C's

Lastly we put on our gloves and did the Thumpkin song

We used the Thumpkin song wiggling our fingers along to the lyrics to freshen our memories for tomorrows music review part 2.

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