Thursday, July 19, 2012

Barnyard Jazz

Seeing as how this week is "Barnyard Boogie"
I thought this book would be a perfect read for music day.

In the girls musical program (children's Musical Journey) there is a listening room where they can listen to different types of music and most recently Jazz has been the favorite.

This book is a wonderful way to introduce Jazz to your children.

you can hear the whole book read here.  
I love the video I posted because it shared video's of the musicians talked about in the story.

To start class off right we had to get into character.
say "Jazz"

We played a part of Old McDonald on the piano.
Using our left hand and reading notes from the bass clef 
and then using our right hands and reading the notes from the treble clef

Then we combined a bit of dance with our music.
I'll post that tomorrow.

Then we added to our music program
The creator is Anne Crosby Gaudet, 
she is a piano teacher who holds a master in piano performance and pedagogy.
You can download it and print it all from your computer and
the best part is...

It's Free!!!

She does have a paypal account where you can donate if you choose (I did)

This women has an amazing blog with tones of activity idea's and teaching tools, including computer games and animated video's.

If you have any interest in teaching your child or students music 
do yourself a favor and download her program!

Just for fun I thought I'd share with you our current 
Jazz playlist

1 - Flat Foot Floogie - The Mills Brothers and Louis Armstrong
2 - Cheek to Cheek - Ella Fitzgerald
3 - It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) - Duke Ellington
4 - Hit That Jive, Jack! - Diana Krall
5 - A Wink and a Smile - Harry Connick Jr.
6 - Straighten Up and Fly Right - King Cole Trio
7 - I Just Found Our About Love - Shirley Horn
8 - They All Laughed - Carmen McRae
9 - Here Comes The Big Parade - Harry Connick Jr.

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