Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chores...they can be fun

We recently implemented chores into our daily routine.  I'm learning to surrender this little piece of me that has become OCD since becoming a Mom.  I want things done a certain way and put away in a certain spot and if it's not I feel like all the balls drop and the list inside my head begins to scramble, this is usually what ends up happening.  I'm sure this bit of OCD developed after having twins because I'm not by nature an organized person and the pile of things to go through on my counter may look like a complete disaster but in my head it makes sense  so please don't touch it!  

But like I said I'm working on this problem and I'm finding certain chores can be fun and it really is helping me out.  Here is a little video of the girls mopping the floors today.


A little white vinegar and water sprayed onto the tiles, some mopping slippers and good music makes for an excellent mopping dance party and my floors like amazing!

Other chores they do:

collecting dirty laundry
sorting laundry
folding kitchen towels, dish rags and pants
finding matching socks and folding them together
toilets (they LOVE them)
sweeping floors (we're working on it)
wiping down baseboards
wiping down cabinets
clearing table
setting table
making their own lunch
depending on the meal they will help cook dinner

Don't get me wrong it would still be easier to do most of these things by myself, I'd probably get them done a heck of a lot faster, but I'm training up good helpers and its just going to take a little bit of time.

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