Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sidewalk chalk wash - Letter test

I've been spending time in the morning doing individual homeschooling time with each girl.  I wanted to know where they were at before school starts in the fall and I wanted to be able to help them in their weak areas as well as progress them in the area's they excel at.  

It has become very clear that one of them is blessed with their Daddies brain and the other with mine... the good thing is I'm able to relate to her frustrations and when she cries, "I loathe letters!" I'm able to smile at the clear example of her other strong suits.  (Thank you Musical Theatre and classical novels for her ridiculous grasp on vocabulary)

Since I really dislike the idea of any kid sitting still and doing worksheets I needed a different and fun way to engage them in a secret test that they didn't know they were taking.  So using our back porch I wrote out all the letters with sidewalk chalk and when I gave them a letter they had to go wash it off with a spray bottle and rag.  

I'll quiz them on their letter sounds next.

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