Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mama School is back in session

We've added some new elements to "Mommy School" this year.  We still plan on sticking with our core subjects, art, music, dance and theatre but I've decided to add some individualized "normal" school time giving me a chance to cater to their individual needs using arts integration (because thats how we roll).  We have also decided to go with no TV for the whole Summer!  The messes seem to accumulate much quicker but at least their imaginations are running wild.

Coppie ready for her alone learning time
I decided for this first week we would take the time to do some review.  They learned a lot last Summer and I hope to be able to build upon that without having to start all over.  For the individual learning time we began review our letter sounds using a montessori approach.

For our first Art Monday kick off project we went BIG!

I promised them that this summer they would learn how to sew on the sewing machine.  So with much excitement we took on a project that although simple was very big and time consuming for our first day.

But the end result... 


A Teepee big enough for the whole family!  We built the frame using the directions from thehandmadehome.  On their version they used scraps of fabric and just weaved and tucked until the teepee was covered. Although I love their version I knew I wanted to make more of a slip cover for it so that I could easily store it and  move it around the house when needed.  We ended up using 5 painters drop cloth canvas to cover it which was cheaper then going to the fabric store.   The plan is to use some textile paint and give it some color but we will see.

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