Monday, June 25, 2012

Cinderella the musical

I love so many things about this classic fairy tale but Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella is my favorite.  I remember many times renting the version filmed in 1965 and adoring it!  When the girls had just turned 3 my mother came to town and she discovered that one of our local high schools was going to be putting it on.   We dressed the girls up and took them to their first theatrical production, life has never been the same.

You can read all about that adventure here

Cinderella is one of those fairy tales that should be a part of every little girls childhood.  Rogers and Hammerstein's version is perfect for our Mommy performing art school because it's lyrics are genius and remind us of the power of dreams and imagination and to believe in the impossible.

Today we opened up our bags to discover our theme for the week and our art project for the day.

They found  the Whitney Houston and Brandy Version.

and blank masquerade masks with all the trimmings

We snuggled on the couch, watched our movie and sang along to all the songs.

Then worked on our masks to get us ready for the ball.

Then we set them out to dry while we took a swimming break in the 102 degree weather.

Then we made a ginormous mess while adding pazazz

and ate popcorn.

Estee believes as mommy does...
Glitter makes everything better!

Feathers are a must!  She used her's to make eyebrows.

The finished product.

Can I just say I love making masks!  For this project I didn't really have any look or thought to what to make it was more of just fun with the girls.  This project can be a great alternative to the heavy make up required for some costumes or as an extra piece of flair to add to your child's dress up box.

here is a few I made for the annual parade the girls and their cousin's enter.

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned as we continue to explore the impossible with Cinderella.

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