Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Their First Musical On Broadway - Newsies

Today's artistic adventure was to experience their first musical on Broadway!   I wanted their first experience to be one they'd remember forever so I chose Newsies because Andrew Keenan-Bolger plays Crutchie.  

During this past summer's Mommy Performing Art School, one of our weeks was Broadway and during this week we watched some of Andrew's video from behind the scenes of this Broadway musical.  Andrew also has a really awesome YouTube channel that the girls and I randomly watch and if your a theatre nut like me or just someone who is entertained by theatrical people you should definitely check it out!  

The show was AMAZING!  
It had 8 tony nominations and won for best choreography!
The girls did wonderful, but how could they not? they were on the edge of their seats the whole time completely entranced.  Estee kept looking at me with big eyes during the show saying, "they are such good dancers."  

When the show ended the girls clapped harder and screamed loudest for Andrew!  I think he has life long fans.

They waited for him outside to get an autograph but he didn't come out.  I think Coppelia was most bummed that she didn't get a chance to invite him to their 5th birthday tomorrow.  

So glad we choose this as their first show on Broadway and I look forward to the shows we will see in the future!

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