Monday, February 18, 2013

Final Musical Theatre Lesson

Today the girls had their final lesson with Miss. Natalie.
We stayed around our house for the majority of the day because the day of our last lesson we walked all over the city and the girls were ready to pass out by the time they arrived.  They did much better today!  Coppie usually is the one to bring the drama and energy and Estee on the other hand is much more focused, she is the one who struggles with her speech so theatre has been a great way to get her to focus on pronunciation. I was very proud of Estee she did a wonderful job memorizing her lyrics in preparation for her final lesson.  

The girls worked on the song "Sisters" from White Christmas.  In their two lessons they were able to learn the song and choreography and then today in the last 3 minutes were able to perform it for us.  It wasn't performance ready of course but sweet and precious and it brought a huge smile to my face. Estee was singing her heart out and Coppelia insisted that she wanted to use her inside voice because we were inside.  She later told me that singing that long made her voice tired.  

Who knows where life will take them but there is so many important lessons to be learned through drama I hope it remains a part of our lives for a long time.  All in All I'm glad the girls took these lessons and I hope that next time we come back that they can do something like this again.  

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