Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 2 - Museum of Natural History

Today we ventured to the Museum of Natural History.  I think it's important that as we explore the art around us we remember the ultimate artist.  Although you won't find God mentioned in this museum his work is evident in his creation.

Coppelia has been asking to visit a planetarium for a couple of months now and could it get any better then going to the very same place that we saw Ben Stiller play the night watchman in "Night at the Museum." I'm pretty sure Ben Stiller went during the best hours, Saturday afternoons are a little too crowded for me, but I'm sure any place on Saturday is bound to be packed. 

The girls and I have a favorite evening activity in the summer time, I let them stay up late, we make a bowl of popcorn and layout under the stars our favorite nights are of course in August during the meteor showers.  Today we even got to see a meteor.  We eventually made our way up to the theatre to watch the movie.  It started off very peaceful we looked like we were laying under the stars in the city and then we were in the sky in the stars and Coppie FREAKED OUT!  What should have been a fun entertaining movie on stars turned into a horror film for her.  At one point it went into what happens when stars burn out and it said something along the lines of, "human will cease to exist."  She says loudly with tears in her eyes, "but I'm human!  Oh I wish I was in heaven right now!"  Needless to say the planetarium was a total bust and I hope they don't run screaming next summer when I want to stay up late and watch the stars.

We made our way to the African gallery where the girls where fascinated by all the animals that lives so close to Uncle Chris, DeeDee and their African cousins.  

The elephants
There was another exhibits at the museum that caught the girls eye it was a butterfly garden.  The same one the girls have read over and over again in one of their books.

I'm so glad we did this!

one landed on Daddy's head

Estee rescued one and eventually with after much patience she  held one on her finger.
Although Fancy Nancy is certain that butterfly's speak french we are not convinced, we said bonjour but none of them responded.

After the museum we headed cross the street to Central Park.  After the crowds of the museum, fresh air and space felt beyond amazing!  

I tried to take a nice picture but they all fell forward into the mud... glad I caught that 
We finally made it home where you can find Coppelia playing super model

And Estee working on the music to Seussical the Musical.

I wonder if this is a glimpse into the teenage years.

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