Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Radio City With My Future Rockettes

I can officially say that Coppelia has wanted to be a Rockette for over half her life so when I heard that you could get a backstage tour of this art-deco historical gem I knew I had to take the girls.  When we showed up to buy tickets I had some looks from people like "you really plan to bring 2 little kids on this tour" but those concerns were quickly gone in the first few minutes.  The girls walked into the theatre with eyes as big as saucers and they both kept saying how gorgeous it was.  

The girls have done their homework they of course have seen the Radio City Christmas Spectacular movie, own the soundtrack and have gone through a timeline of video's and photographs many times but still wanted more.  For over an hour the girls took in all the information as they explained everything from the design of the carpets which they call "visual jazz" to the hydraulics used under the stage.  This tour is full of history and art and a must see for anyone taking a trip to New York.  We happened to come at a very good time, there is only about 5 or 6 times a year where it happens but we actually got to go on the stage and visit under the stage and see the hydraulics system (side note: also the place they turn into a barn for the animals that appear in the Christmas Spectacular for 7 weeks)

Us on stage
She was too excited for a normal picture
powdering her nose in the women's lounge

The statue was called "The Spirit of Dance" 

She really liked this costume
We also got a chance to meet a real Rockette and ask her questions.  The first thing Estee said to her was, "My sister wants to be a Rockette when she grows up."  We were not able to use our own camera so I'm not able to upload that picture right now.  

Radio City wasn't the only thing we were able to fit in today we also made a trip to FAO Schwarz.

Build a muppet... way cooler then build a bear!

The nursery
Dancing while playing
It was quite the day, this mama is beyond tired.  Time to get some sleep, because tomorrow is another day full of new artistic adventures to explore!

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