Thursday, February 14, 2013

Exploring the Arts Adventure - New York

I suppose our Mommy Performing Art School sparked the idea for this trip, but it was my husband who made the suggestion and I of course jumped up and down, clapping my hands like a little kid.   The girls have been excited too, asking to visit different museums and see specific shows.  I'm so excited to take our adventures outside of our home and bring them to a city that is just bursting with culture.  My goal is to make this educational and fun and for them to appreciate the art and the artist in a whole new way.

The girls already seem to think they have been placed into a magical land.  The airport had sparkles in the tiles, gorgeous art on the walls and advertisements to different shows and then they got to ride in their first taxi!  The constant babble out of their mouths is priceless and I'm glad I have Tyler around to answer some of harder questions (come one, who else knows the name of the man that created the Statue of Liberty of the top of their head and then can give you addition facts like in what year it was created and he also created the Eiffel husband) Despite their comments about how much liter and graffiti is here  Coppelia has already asked that we move here for good.

They were so drunk on excitement they eventually passed out in the Taxi
When packing our bags I wanted to bring so many of our Mommy School books and props but the suitcase could not fit it all so instead I decided to go as light at possible.  For our entertainment we have packed a drawing pad, composition book, the story "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" and the first season of The Flintstones (their choice).

This isn't a trip for lazing around
we are here for an adventure,
a great adventure,
an Exploring the Arts in New York City Adventure

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