Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 3 - Not so artsy Sunday at American Girl

After a deep sleep induced by Tylenol PM I woke up to my sounds of my eager beavers asking to go to the American Girl store.  Fortunately I was feeling a bit better so we got all bundled up for this windy 28 degree day and made it too our new favorite donut shop where the girls were greeted upon arrival with 3 of the staff saying, "Hey, our girls are here!"  After all the special attention and sugar rush we made our way to the subway where I faced my fears and navigated my way through the city without Tyler.  

The girls have been saving their Christmas and Birthday money for New York and they have plans to buy a doll.  My job is to teach them not to be impulse shoppers, a hard lesson for an almost 5 year old who has their own money and wants it all.  I've told them that this trip to American Girl was going to be a looking trip and that after seeing all their options they could take a few days to think about which one they wanted and we would return for the big purchase on their 5th birthday (Thursday).  We spent about 2 hours at the store where they picked up little pictures of the dolls they wanted so they could decide at home.

There big decision is if they want a modern doll or a historical doll that comes with a book series

The girl of the year is Saige

She is a cowgirl and artist.

Are you impressed I made it there and back using the subway while managing 2 girls with their heads in the clouds?  You should be!

I have come to a conclusion... I love New York but just like DisneyWorld you should never go on a weekend.  Looking forward to Monday!

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  1. I still have my Felicity doll. The historical ones are the best!


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