Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 1 - Musical Theatre Lessons

I love the excitement that comes from kids.  It doesn't matter that this time zone is two hours ahead, the girls still woke up before the sun ready to explore the city and to experience a subway.  Eventually they got me to roll our of bed and we bundled up to go in search of breakfast and some much needed coffee.  Daddy had a few hours of work to do before we could head out so we walked across the street to the park.

I wish we as adults where more like kids on the playground.  It doesn't matter that they don't know everyone or that some of the kids don't even speak the same language because in every culture and every language children play and they will find a way to play together.  The girls invented a game together of kicking ice back and forth, each time the ice chunk came to them they stomped on it until the ice was shattered and they would get a new chunk. They pulled random kids into their made up game for a time and eventually moved on to pirate play as they transferred the play structure into a pirate ship.  

Once Tyler had finished work for the day we took two very excited girls on the subway.  

Estee rode the whole way with a smirk on her face.

The girls and I on the Ruby Red Steps at Time Square
We made our way to time square where the girls saw Broadway and were pointing out different shows they would like to see.  We took a trip to the Toys r us to ride the Ferris Wheel and to see Barbie's mansion.  We then went and had a late lunch at a little diner.  We were all dragging at this point and needed a nap but the girls had a very special lesson in an hour and we were hoping a little sitting down would do them some good.  By the time we were finished Estee was half asleep and Coppelia wasn't too far behind.

They turned the condiments into characters.  Ketchup and Sugar met at a ball, fell in love and got married in city hall.  Then then had two babies little salt and pepper.  Their was a little cameo from fork the mailman.

We then made our way to Ripley Grier Studios where the girls got a private lesson from a Broadway actress.  I so very badly wish I could have been a little fly on the wall and seen their rehearsal but I know from years of experience with teaching dance that kids are not at their best with parents in the room.  But I was able to listen at the door as they began learning the song "Sisters" from White Christmas.  We have another lesson on Monday and we have been given homework to work on the lyrics and then at the end of Monday's rehearsal we will get a little performance of what they have been working on.

The girls and their teacher.... sorry my camera died and it was taken on a blurry phone camera.
As soon as the lesson was over we dragged ourselves back home, ate dinner and crashed.  Honestly I find it amazing the girls were able to function at all during the lesson.  Tyler and I were beat and my eyes where burning with a need for sleep.

Until tomorrow
when we find more art to explore.

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  1. What an AWESOME day! New York is soooo much fun. Keep posting...we want to hear all about your adventures. Love you all. Mamah and PeaPa


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