Friday, October 25, 2013

London Eye and the Broadway of London

Beautiful sunny day in London, this is rare right?

Today we went to Coppélia's top dream destinations The London Eye and Estee was able to finally  get a good view of what was on top of her must see, Big Ben.

It took about 30 minutes to make our way around, the views were amazing.

House of Parliament

Buckingham Palace 

They called this their GeoTrax bridge.

A view from each angle... all these views made the girls want to sketch.

After the ride we went in search a park they spotted from above.

We then went back to Kensington park to feed the swans and ducks that float on the pond in front of the palace.

Then we headed home for a bit of down time before we hit up West End, the Broadway of London.  

Daddy spoiled his little ladies with great seats for Matilda!  We missed this show in New York by a week but by coming to London to see it we got authentic accents.  Such a great show, we have been watching the clips from the Tony awards since this summer and singing along to the soundtrack which we finally bought last week.  The cast is full of young kids making it a treat for any little one to watch.  The girls have also been reading the book, they were discussing what scenes they thought would be cut because of the safety of the actors, but they had those scenes and the girls were amazed by the tricks they used to make it happen. 

The girls said it was the best day of their life, 2 parks, the London eye, Big Ben and Matilda!

I'll leave you with one of the girls favorite songs from Matilda the Musical, "Naughty".  We had the Matilda on the right.

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