Saturday, October 26, 2013

British Museum and Wicked on the West End

Today started early!  I could hear Coppélia in the other room singing songs from Matilda.  We could have sat around all day watching clips and listening to the soundtrack but instead we set off towards  the British Museum.

But first....
We found the Peter Pan statue at the park, this put a big smile on my face!

This museum opened to the public in 1759 and holds 8 million items.  We were only able to cover a small portion of what it had to offer and even within those sections we were getting lost.

Coppélia is obsessed with museums and ancient Egypt and today we hit the mother load.  She didn't want me taking pictures of her but there is something about watching your child light up with excitement and I had to be sneaky in order to document this moment.

Seriously Mom, this is embarrassing.

As soon as she would see someone about ready to give a talk she would run up to the front to listen.  A few times she shimmied her way back out of the crowd to inform me they didn't speak our language.

Statue of King Ramesses the IX and King Ramesses the I.

She asked me which Ramesses was Moses brother and made me take pictures.  We looked it up on our way home and it was Ramesses the II.  They did have a very large statue of him but she would let me take her picture in front of it and then she dashed past it and its crowd on her search for the mummies.

Estee avoided the mummy room.

Coppélia did not want to leave she was begging for more time and we ended up giving her 15 more minutes so she could explore the Sudan room.

We went back to our flat for a little rest before we hit the West End for another musical.

The girls have been listening to the songs from this show since before their first birthday.  They know the soundtrack by heart and have been begging to see it.  I had told them when they turned 7 I would take them but we were here and the tickets are cheaper then the ones for Broadway.  The girls were so excited!

They had little binoculars you could rent for a pound...they used them before the show to check out the orchestra pit, set details and the grips getting ready.

After the show they wanted autographs.

With Glinda

Madame Morrible


She was so sweet taking her time to talk with the girls and even came out from behind the gate to get down on their level and take a picture.

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