Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lesson 7 - Dance of the Digestive System

Today we learned one of the benefits for all that good posture we use in dance.  

Sitting up tall helps our digestion do its thing. Poor posture slows the process down.

Today the girls had fun creating and performing their own interpretive dance about the digestive system. I had 5 points on the floor. Each was marked with a photo of the digestive system with a different highlighted organ for them to know what part in the process came next. For this dance we used Mozart, Eine Klein Nachtmusik, Serenade No 13.

Point 1 - we find and take a bite of the apple

Point 2 - it goes down the esophogus.
Coppelia did a plié and Estee did a body roll

Point 3 -  The stomach, where all the food breaks down even further and gets mixed up with our stomach juices.

Point 3 - the small intestine where all the good stuff gets sent into our body to produce energy.

Point 4 - The large intestine is where all the water gets absorbed.
Here Coppélia is surfing the wave until there is no more water and her board stops.

Point 5 - Poop!

Of course their was lots of giggles in this dramatic digestive ballet. Who knew pooping could look so beautiful when set to the music of Mozart.

We also finished our human bodies project this week!

Here is Coppélia's. She is really good on the pogo stick (record 87 jumps) so she has abdominal muscles to help her with balance, and leg muscles to help her jump.

Here is Estee's. She wants to be a famous broadway actress so she has her diaphragm muscles and abdominal muscles for breath support.

Here Estee is showing you where the rest of her digestive system is hidden. The girls are very proud of their projects and had lots of fun working on them. They were able to use different materials each week, including Styrofoam and paper clay to make hearts, textile paints for the muscles, hot glue gun for the bones and fiber optics for the lymphatic system (hard to see in picture). We even had a couple sets of ribs. The first set you saw in an earlier post and the second set was cut up embroidery looms that wrapped around to create the rib cage. Sadly we couldn't get to the battery packs to turn on the fiber optics so the ribs had to go.

Hope you enjoyed our exploration of the Human Body themed lessons!

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