Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stage Make-up and performance

When you come to my house the one question you should ask is "What production is going on this week?" Estee had huge plans on Tuesday, she wanted to do a production of Coppelia. For those of you who do not know Coppelia is a classical ballet. Our Coppelia claims it is her ballet and often wants to hear her story at bed time. Well Estee decided it was time they did the "Coppie show" as she called it but this time she wanted to be Coppelia, because she never gets to be Coppelia. She picked out her costume Tuesday evening and told me that she needed red circle's on her cheeks just like the real Coppelia. So the plan was after school on Wednesday we would do full stage make-up (for the first time) and then we would have our performance of "Coppelia" starring Estee. So here is your look into our first attempts at stage make-up.

                                                                     Estee before

Step 1: make sure you are wearing your bathrobes, you don't want to get any make up on your costume. Then use a good moisturizer to protect your face.

                                                 Step 2: Concealer, apply around the eyes

                                                            Step 3: Heavy foundation.

                                                                Step 4: Eye shadows

Step 5: Eye liner, the eye liner is an important element because on stage your eyes are used to express. For a dramatic effect use the eye liner to extend beyond the natural eyelid.

Step 6: We drew on heavier eyebrows because we didn't want them to disappear that would look funny. This was the part they disliked the most they got nervous it wouldn't come off and they would forever have dark eyebrows.

                                                                      Step 7: Mascara
                                                                      Step 8: cheeks
                                                                      Step 9: Lips

This was the part where Coppelia ran up to her room in tears because she found out she wasn't going to be starring as Coppelia in "her ballet.  She also used her famous dramatic line she uses when she is upset "It's like I don't have a family anymore!" As hillariously dramatic as she is I'm so glad there is only one of her and that Estee is overly sweet and easy going. Then we finished Coppelia's make-up, although she wanted to pretend that she no longer wanted her picture taken (trust me, it was all for dramatic effect)

Without further ado "Coppelia" starring Estee (note: I wouldn't let Coppelia dance naked so she didn't get to be in the show)


Maybe not our best dancing but still moments to treasure!

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