Thursday, May 3, 2012

House of chaos

I have about a million things I want to post and like most moms I want it all to be perfect before anyone see's it. We have lots of fun around here and life always seems to be in the midst of a costume change. Feather's, mardi gras beads and a sea of tulle seems to be strewn about my house but in every picture they are almost always in their underwear. I make no claim to being a perfect housewife there is almost always a stack of dishes in the sink and stacks of papers and things to go through on another table. Sure I could clean the kitchen as I go along and sometimes this works out but most of the time I've got two little tornado's full of enthusiastic energy and pure joy running around and I got priorities. I want to either be in the midst of their fun chaos sucking in every precious moment or have a moment to myself were I can sit still and breath in peaceful silence. But there is always at least one time in my day where the kitchen is spotless and the floors are vacuumed. Unfortunately these moments only last for a few minutes so the chances of me catching it with my camera are very slim. So I'm throwing my hands in the air. I'm going to let you see the messy fun that is in our home and maybe other moms will feel more normal knowing that not every home is pinterest perfect.

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