Friday, May 4, 2012

First Pet

I had 4 pets growing up... 

Socks: he was a dog that was both blind and deff and quite possibly inbred. He wondered off and I'm sure that didn't go too well for him.

Buckwheat: She was a horribly mean and I'm convinced bipolar cat. She also burned down our family home when I was in 6th grade so no love lost there.

Izzy: he failed doggy obedience school three times. Actually that was my sister's dog and I'm glad she finally gave him away.

Psalty: A dog my Dad found abandoned at a gas station with a missing tail. He soon became a part of the family.

Just like any kid my girls ask us for a dog or a cat, but we all know who would end up taking care of it. So imagine my excitement when we discover our home came with a perfect pet for our family...

Meet "Chance Macaroni Guidry" 
he is our baby owl.

He is an outside pet, he keeps our yard free of rodents and we don't have to feed him or scoop his poop.   We all know that owls are very wise, but did you also know they are a great audience and very good at listening?  Every afternoon he pop's his head out and very patiently listens and watches as the girls share their stories and put on their shows.  He watches them with the same confused yet slightly intrigued look on his face, he is quite the character.

Welcome to the family "Chance Macaroni"

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