Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Under the Big Top

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages, 
be amazed, be enchanted, be mystified and be amused.
For this week Mommy's Performing Art School proudly welcomes you
to the greatest show on earth.

Every great circus must have an equally great Ringmaster.  
So today we practiced the art of of both story telling and drawing,
with a draw and tell story.

I told the story of my trip to the circus.
Inside the tent their was a giant ring and inside that ring was the ringmaster who introduced us to the lions and lion tamer.  There were elephants, trapeze artists and even a high diver.  But our favorite act of all was ...


I told this story one time and then during the second time I had the girls follow along with a pad of paper and a marker making the simple shapes.

Their first attempt.

I really should have drawn the picture a third time and had them repeat the story back to me, but I didn't think of that till they were already at the chalk board.

they had fun.

There isn't many books out there that I could find but I ended up
ordered this tell and draw story book.

Although there is a clown story in this book I didn't love it and ended up making up my own story and picture.  But the book does have many good tell and draw stories to choose from.  

During one of Estee's speech therapy sessions at the local elementary school Coppelia and I sat in the Library. The Librarian did these with a class and Coppelia was completely entranced and soaking in the stories.  When we got home she pulled out a pad of paper and was telling stories to her sister.  I'm sure we will have hours of fun as we continue to find more stories to tell.

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