Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A New Summer Of Creative Adventures

Are we really going into our third summer of artistic adventures?

I'd love to be able to tell you that every week of summer has been planned out again with weekly themes and detailed curriculum in art, dance, music and drama but this summer is shaping up to be full of many other projects that are bound to leave us in a whirlwind of chaos.  My goal is to take these moments and build lessons around them as well as let the backdrop of our world inspire new paths for our imagination to explore.

Here is where life has taken us.

We now live in the country and have trees to climb and mud to play in.  We've also added a few new kids to our tribe.

This is Lucina, she likes to climb tree's and play tag with the girls.

and this is Daisy our timid little fainting goat.

Our music reading chore charts have been hung and dusted off.

Middle C is the most important note they can earn.  This note can be earned by actively using or developing their creative gifts and talents.  Some days I may give them an artistic lesson but for the must part it is self lead.  I want to encourage them to discover and teach themselves but I'm always ready to swoop in and help them when it's needed or to encourage them to try new things.

Today they both earned their middle C and even better they worked together.

They spent their day working on a musical, creating music, making their poster and costumes for their dolls.  The production was of Sleeping Beauty, performed with some jazzy numbers with tap dancing.


Sleeping Beauty

I'm sure their theatre will be getting much use this summer, it also happens to be one of the many projects we will be working on.

Although our summer wont be exactly like the super planned out ones in the past, I hope you will still want to tag along in our journey and find inspiration, to seek out and develop the creative gifts in your own children and find the art and beauty in the world around you.

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