Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Broadway Conditioning Meets Preschool

The discussion of Broadway is serious business in this house.  The girls are often discussing or arguing over which parts they will be playing and their need for rehearsing.  I love listening to them practicing their music and re-enacting every musical they have ever seen or heard, although the sound of two 5 year old girls singing "Phantom of the Opera" on repeat can get old.  

I recently had a mini meltdown after one of our "school time" lessons.  I sometimes think about how much easier it would be if my kids could just sit still and enjoy workbooks. But if I had those type of children, my girls would definitely not be the little crazy's that turn my world upside down and fill my life with ridiculous amounts of laughter and fun.  Since my little dynamic duo doesn't do well with a workbook or desk I have to use their interests and desires to sneak in some learning.

We called it "Broadway Conditioning". It's were they have to do exercises and vocal training at the same time.  It takes a lot of work for those actors to dance and sing with projecting through a whole show, so we needed to step it up on their training. (I love how serious they take me!)

We did three different exercises that went along with number and letter recognition. When I turned learning time into training time, they surprisingly got all the answers correct!

We started with jumping rope.  I would give them a number goal to reach and they would count loudly as they jumped. Once they tripped or stepped on the rope, they would go to a pile of numbers and show me which number they made it to and how many more they needed in order to make it to their goal.

We did Jumping Jacks while singing our ABC's using projection.

Lastly we rehearsed for a part in Matilda the Musical.  While watching the Tony awards they saw a clip from this show and have been working on their scooter skills so they will have something to add to their resumes.

The scooters begin at 3:59

I had the girls begin at a starting point and they had about 15 feet to kick off while singing, "When I grow".  Once they hit the 1 on our number line, they lifted their leg into arabesque and sang "up", holding the note and position as long as they could.  Then they would tell me what number they made it to on our line.

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