Saturday, September 1, 2012

Adventures with Dan & Louie

We've all heard stories about the good ole' days when our grandparents or great grandparents would sit around the radio and tune into their favorite programs.  I smile every time Mamah tells me how she used to listen to "As the World Turns" before it was ever a soap opera on TV.

As a young child I remember listening to children's musicals on my record player.  I suppose for that time it wasn't exactly a common thing.  But how wonderful the experience is to turn off the visual (TV) and use our imagination to see the pictures in our mind.  Turning off and tuning in, is a great way to exercise our creative capacity.

Years ago my sister introduced me to Dan & Louie

The stories run like the old time radio programs.  They always begin with Louie (the dummy) having some sort of problem so Dan and him take a trip to the bible storybook castle to find the answers.

 My girls are always laughing at Louie's antics and I love how well the stories are told and the amount of detail that is included, I'm even learning new things.

Dan and Louie have replaced much of our TV time.  In fact it's the girls that request listening to them.  While they listen they go along with their play; dolls, puzzles, arts and crafts, creating booby traps, all the while listening.  Last night I let the girls listen to a few stories after I tucked them in.  Later I heard Coppelia screaming for me and I go running to her room and she very enthusiastically says, "MOM, did you know Jesus turned water into wine?"  

I seriously love these stories and knowing my kids love them makes them all the more wonderful.  Christmas is a few months aways and it would make an excellent gift from parents or grandparents.  That's how we gifted them to our girls and I promise you it is worth the investment.

 You can purchases them here as downloads or on disk.

And because we love our musicals around here, 
I thought I'd share with you some of our other favorite children's musicals to listen too.

Estee's favorite!!!

These are the ones I plan to add to the girls collection this Christmas.

all these Cd's can be purchased here.

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