Friday, August 24, 2012

The Perfect Toy

Have you ever walked into a Goodwill or consignment store and found the most perfect item?  That's what happened to me a few weeks back when I was with my mother.  We went to the kids consignment store and up high on a shelf sat a little theatre.  Along with the set came different backdrops, stage props, dolls and costumes, my Mom looked at me and said, "you have to get it!"  

It's been the perfect addition for our Mommy school.  I have been able to introduce the girls to new theatre terms like upstage, downstage and center stage.  We like to pretend the orchestra is warming up in the orchestra pit and the dancers are waiting back stage.  Although the set came with its stuffed doll they use it for their doll house dolls too.  One morning I woke up to find they had made stadium setting for all the dolls to enjoy the show.  The also use it for their ballerina's.  

Why limit ourselves with the props it came with?  A few Christmas trees, the fireplace we made with popsicle sticks and the stage is now set for The Nutcracker.

An amazing find that will be played with for years to come!

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